The Importance of Discipline and Accountability for Security Guards

The most significant job of a security company is to keep their security guards accountable and to continuously train them.

The role usually falls to the field supervisor, who must randomly and frequently visit the post. Many field supervisors see their responsibilities as checking guards. That is what they do, but it must be clear what it means and that inspection is only twenty percent of the work.

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It's important to keep security guards accountable and disciplined. If the field supervisor ignores violations of the uniform code, the guards will not only continue to violate them but will also try to extend their limits. Therefore, supervisors must reprimand security guards for the smallest violations of postal orders and uniform codes.

He will not only send messages that the field supervisors pay attention to, but also that he will not tolerate the smallest violations. That behavior will create discipline and accountability. However, the supervisor's responsibility does not end with warning the guards about the violations.

There must be constant dialogue. The field supervisor must ask about the challenges facing the guard and he must provide support and experience.

Field supervisors must also keep in touch with clients about guard performance. That way he can positively strengthen good behavior and practice discipline problems.

Positive reinforcement is the most important aspect of training. This shows employees that their positive behavior is valued and cared for. That way he will continue his positive behavior. This will also send a message that the boss is not only focusing on negative behavior.


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