The Future of Innovation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

There are many major problems with artificial intelligence and the future. I'd like to discuss the clash between human innovation and artificial intelligence.

The problem is already on the horizon, and although no one is really talking about it much, that's only because we are not paying attention to our surroundings and environment here in the information age. If you want more information about artificial intelligence then, you can check out useful reference: Best Business Model Innovation Consulting – Innovation360.

Many will let you artificial intelligence won't ever replace people in some specific domains such as those matters that involve imagination – classes like; artwork, storytelling, movie-making, composing, and invention. 

As much as I want to assure you that these ideas are accurate, I cannot logically or frankly tell you they're. We have AI artwork, and also some of it's indistinguishable from bits accomplished by people, AI has now passed the Turing Test in that domain.

In addition, we possess AI novel authors, and song writing and writing applications, and it is also fairly great. We've observed the very first AI movies also, not up to individual criteria quite yet, but definitely getting there, and then think about if you are the fact there are not many new genres introduced nowadays, most films are typical storylines with just small derivations in genre.


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