Technology Has Revolutionized Eyewear Design

The glasses in the seventies and eighties were heavy and full-frame, and it was a problem all day because they often left red marks on your cheekbones.

The lens is made of glass, which also adds to the weight of the glasses. The design is limited, and it's difficult to distinguish one from another because they all look almost the same.

Technology has changed all that. In fact, there is a revolution in the eyewear industry today. These changes have touched almost every aspect of eye care and eye health.

There has been a drastic reduction in lens weight. Instead of a traditional glass lens, this is now made with a material that is so light that you hardly feel the weight on your face. New York Eye Care dedicated to providing high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment.

Technology has made it possible to make not only lighter but also thinner lenses. The fact that thinner lenses are available has allowed designers to design thinner frames, which are suitable for newer styles.

One thing led to another, and now, thinner frames have allowed newer material to be used. The latest eyewear design is now made of thin metal wire and uses very light plastic and acetate sheets.

Perhaps the biggest revolution is style and design. Thin and lightweight lenses have led to the development of a completely new design concept of frameless and partially framed frames. In fact, this is currently the most trendy eyewear design. You only need to walk in the eye shop or visit one online to see the number of styles and colors available in this category.

Another revolutionary change that has taken place in the eyewear industry is in the field of lens color. In the past, colored lenses were made of colored glass. You can't buy prescription sunglasses like this, and you have to use attachments on your glasses, which are not only complicated but also look weird.

Today, you can get all types of lenses that are colored or colored with the color of your choice. There are also transition lenses that turn into sunglasses after being exposed to the sun.

Much progress has been made in the field of eye protection. Modern lenses offer complete UV protection, and polarized lenses protect your eyes from sharp sunlight that reflects water and other reflective surfaces.

The effects of technology on glasses don't end here. Thinner and lighter lenses and sleek designs mean that people with strong prescriptions or unique eye problems can wear sunglasses and prescription glasses.


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