Sequence Of The Steps Taken Whilst Building Custom PC

It has become quite common these days to build their own PC according to their own requirements. This gives them the freedom to install the parts with specifications that they want. For instance, they can pick processor from Kaby lake processor and Intel Core-i9 according to their needs.

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Since the systems available in the market are available for the general purpose and are not so advanced. There are plenty of benefits of building it on your own such as you can save a lot of money. Thus the first step for building the PC is to choose and buy the right compatible components.

This ensures that you won’t have to face any glitch later on and your PC will efficiently function. After that, you need to assemble those components. Prior to beginning, you must ensure to set up a good work area.

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For this get some kind of table with plenty of room and light, preferably somewhere that isn’t carpeted. This will take a couple of hours, maybe more if this is your first time and you will need a screwdriver.

Below mentioned are the sequence of steps that need to be followed for building PC:

  • Install CPU – You should install the CPU and the RAM onto the motherboard prior to installing the motherboard itself. Since it’s easier than installing them once the board is fixed in place. You can also choose motherboard and CPU combo instead.
  • Install RAM
  • Install the motherboard
  • Install CPU cooler
  • Install the storage and optical drives
  • Install the graphics card and other PCI-e accessories

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  • Install the power supply
  • Plug in the case controls, audio, and USB cables

Additionally, if you want you may hop over to this site to get to know 7 beneficial tips. These tips for building a custom PC in a cost-effective way. By taking all this information into consideration you can absolutely have a brilliant PC.