How Do You Choose the Right Child Custody Attorney?

Child custody is one of the biggest problems in the family court system. When couples divorce, they must determine where the children of the marriage will live, who will pay for the items needed by the children, and what is in the best interests of the children.

1. Consider the experience they have

You will need a lawyer who has handled child support issues in the past. You need a lawyer who knows the child support laws in the state where you live, who will struggle to ensure that other parents pay an adequate amount to help support the children produced by the marriage. Child Custody Attorney – Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC offer needful assistance to families looking for child custody without putting much burden on their pocket.

2. Consider their closeness with you

You must meet with a lawyer several times during your family's legal process. If the lawyer you choose has an office in another city then you should consider what you have to do to get to their office. If it is not possible for you to go to their office then check to see if the lawyer is willing to meet you somewhere close to your home.

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3. Consider their costs

You hate basing your choices on the amount of money that will be charged, but if you can't afford to pay for your lawyer, then you will be in a worse condition than now. Ask the attorney to explain their fees, and explain their payment arrangements before you become too involved with them.

4. Look for reviews and references

If you have a lawyer's name then you need to see any reviews that you can find about it before you go and see it. Do an online search to see if you can find written reviews about lawyers, or law firms where they work.

5. Interview them

On your first visit to a lawyer's office, you basically interview them for a job. You want to go to this meeting ready to do a thorough interview. Bring a small tablet and write down all the related questions that you want to ask and bring this tablet to you for consultation.

6. Listen to your instincts

Your instincts will tell you when you have found the right person for the job. You will feel confident about the choices you make. If you feel uncomfortable hiring a lawyer, your intestines try to tell you that your subconscious is aware of something that your consciousness might not realize. Listen to your guts.


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