Follow These Tips While Renting Tents

Planning an outdoor event? While planning for these types of events, most likely you’re going to be considering renting tents. Of course, there are other things to consider, like food and army prop rentals for the party, but this is something that really seeks your attention.

Here are a few hints to assist you with your tent rental choice.

Surface ground-

Rental tents vary in material, size and price. Based on the sort of surface ground which you are going to be using, your tent options may be limited. A pole tent is excellent for an outdoor wedding, reception or a corporate social occasion, but they must be installed only on a grass surface.

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Number of people-

It is important to have a close count as to how many people you want to accommodate. The more the people, the bigger the tent and the most it will cost to lease. Tents come in several sizes and a few tent rental companies offer connecting frame tents.

Potential weather-

A simple tent provides shelter from the hot sun and mild rain. However, if it is a windy day or heavy rains then be ready for the rain and wind to blow right through the tent. You may use army tent rentals to avoid such situations.

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Based upon the purpose of your event, you might want to ask the rental company to install gutters with the tents and sidewall bundles. Sidewalls will protect people from rain and wind. For many tents, sidewalls can be rolled up and then immediately put into place if necessary.

Compare prices-

Although tent rental companies are inclined to charge similar fees, it is still worth to check out two or three choices. Some of the companies may be running a special deal and it can literally save you hundreds of dollars. Another consideration is calling a local auction company.

At the last, be sure to make arrangements for leasing tents ahead of time. Spring and summer months are peak months for tent rentals. There is nothing worse than planning an outdoor event, and finding that you waited too long to ask about the tents. Click this to know some important things to consider when planning a tented wedding.