Different Classifications Of Glass Tiles

It was initially used as mosaic in the ancient times. Glass tiles have been made and developed after the clay tiles have been developed.

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Combination of dimensions, colour, and form, glass tiles actually are the most advanced works during 8,000 BC. It's often manufactured in Persia, India, and Greece.

The development of glass tiles requires high heat to melt the glass and also a master artist can make a work of art.

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Since glass is much more subtle than a ceramic material, Smalti consists of molten glass and metallic oxides, which may add colour as well as the outcome, are a muddy mixture that adds artwork to the tile. These days, with the assistance of technologies glass tile is created invarious varieties.

• Smalti tile

This kind of tile is made up of silica with potassium or sodium carbonate and alloy for reconciliation colours.

It was subsequently melted to a high temperature then wrapped within a slab. Normally it measures 6 inches thick and after chilled, cutting into little rectangular shape is performed manually because now technology wasn't yet right into position.

• Fused tile

This sort of tile is completed together with other coating to guarantee the durability and scuff. Flat glass or windshield glass is the basic substance for creating a fused tile. By cutting it in little tile bits, fusing is subsequently designed to make sure the result for this kind of tile.


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