Determining If Animal Removal Is The Right Answer

Many types of pests can create problems for people. Some of these pests require expert animal training. Though, it is important to inform of what you are facing, and what the choices are.

If your issue is with domestic animals on your property, then you are lawfully allowed to trap these animals and turn them into the nearest animal shelter. You can also hire a professional for wild animal removal to remove wild animals from your property.

In many cases, humane traps can be hired from the shelter to capture wild animals. However, you must release wild animals accidentally caught in the trap, back to the same area.

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Feral cats can be a problem in some areas. You are allowed to trap the cats and take them to the animal shelter, but they almost certainly will be euthanized there, because they are not adoptable.

In some places, shelters will spay or neuter and vaccinate wild cats for free, if you are willing to re-release them into your property.

Wild animals can be tricky. In many places, it is not legal to remove stray animals from your property unless they meet certain requirements to be a nuisance.

This requirement may not have the same definition of the nuisance as you do, so look them up if you are considering this.

For problems with domestic animals on your property, contact your local animal services department. They will have the relevant information about what is legal and what your options might be.


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