Best Tips to Successfully Painting Your Yacht

When the time came to paint your boat there are many things to do and not to be taken into account. First, wash the boat up and down to remove any salt residue, removing the mast and rigging and store them away. You may want to consider painting the mast at this time if required. Then lift the boat and place it in the shed painting and setting up the scaffolding to a height easy to work with.

If you are from West Palm Beach and thinking to paint your boat with the help of some professionals, you can contact at You just need to help them by doing other parts of the job if you want to make the painting process more smooth.

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Go to the boat and decide if there is a device that you do not want to put on after the repainting, or any changes you want to do. Doing these before any paint is applied so as to be streamlined and made to look like they were always meant to be there.

Cover the top of the vessel the tip rail to the rail foot with the film drape to cover the entire platform area, it will stop all the dust from entering the bridge and inside the boat. The cleaning at the end will be quite a big job like this.

Now is the time to hide all other accessories that you do not delete. It is difficult to get the tape to stick, once you get a layer of dust on things without making a big cleaning. The band also gives some protection when sand near the connector.

Now it’s time for the first sand, if you have access to the orbit sanders you can do this part, be sure to use a good respirator as dust is not good for the lungs. He will need a good hard sand with 80 grit paper.

If this grain seems to take a long time to sand or clog very quickly, try a general filter, say 60, or you may need to solvent wash the area to remove any wax or varnish that may still be there. You need to sand the surface until a matt finish without showing brilliance, take special care to get right in every corner and up accessories, etc. If you do not, this is the new painting won’t stick well enough. Make sure you get the painter to check before applying the primer.


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