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Track your blog stats & it’s easy to form your own LLC

Firstly tracking the traffic coming in on any one blog can be a little tough.  Depending who’s your host you may have some tracking options through c-panel and whatnot.

From my experience however they tend to be pretty freaking ugly.  Well, when I was chilling in Bofu2U’s hotel room during ASE I saw him checking out his ebay splogs, I mean WordPress blogs.  His tracking had some sweet looking interface from where I was sitting.  Eventually, the topic came up what he was using on the backend – turns out it was a pretty sweet WP plugin.

The plugin is called Counterize II and you can find it at the WordPress plugins site.   It’s a great tool to have, and I personally used it and will continue to use it, it has everything you need.

Secondly I’d like to point out how easy it really is to create your own company, so if you want to be a serious AM do yourself a favor and spend the little bit of money it costs to do it.  Here in Wisconsin it’s $130 and you can do it online in under 10 min – no joke.  Good thing I didn’t pay an extra $20 for expedited handling because it was accepted, which looks like the same day.  Sweet!

Anyways get that done to give yourself some legal legroom in case something wacky happens – you won’t loose everything you own.  It’s a small, small price to pay IMHO.

Lastly, what the hell are people typing into a search engine to end up here?  Uh, some crazy shit.

Really?  People search for facebook penis?!  Hurry someone fire up Adwords and get an ad on that.  I’m sure if you can find something for the ladies (or maybe guys) you’d crush it.

Anyways the Facebook cloaking script is coming soon, I started writing it today, so very soon.

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