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Yahoo! – The Real Deal

Yahoo! defiantly does everything it can to get some of your sweet sweet money.  No joke, they are terrible.

Microsoft, known for terrible software, bad operating systems, monopoly’s, and generally messing up at every turn, actually gets marketers.  That’s the first positive thing I have said about MS in a loooooong time.

We don’t want to have to jump through crazy hoops to get clicks and good CTR and it really makes you wish they did buy – at least – the search division of Yahoo!.  I think it would have really driven away a lot of business from Google.  Quality, who would have guessed?

By this point you may be asking: So Brad what does this have to do with Yahoo!?  Well Yahoo! is the anti-Microsoft.  Yahoo! doesn’t care what’s good for you.  They don’t care too much about quality, and the more power they take out of your hands – the better, as I’ll outline here.

What really is Yahoo! Search Marketing? – The Yahoo! Search Marketing Network is not just the Yahoo! search engine.  Yahoo! is actually comprised of many search engines on other sites, like Road Runner, Sprint, and various other not necessarily reputable places.  Your ads, whether you like it or not, by default also show up on many spammy places like parked pages or sites developed just to show ads on.

You may say that – well a page that was developed to show ads of that particular niche much be great right?  No, not at all.  Considering all the content on the page is just ads!  And who the hell is really clicking through a parked page?  Sure it happens, and in my experience those clicks are going to convert worth shit not to mention other factors that will be discussed.

Some of these so called “search engines” with the Yahoo! name on them only deliver up the ads as a result!  And some of the deliver them up as if you where bidding on Content Match.  Talk about getting more than you can chew.

Your ads also show up on places like webMD and Yahoo! Answers [more on Yahoo! Answers later].  These places can be good or bad depending on the site.

That’s just the gist of it, but there are many pages inside the Yahoo! network.  Some good, some bad, but in reality they are all bad for multiple reasons as we’ll find out in the comming parts of this series.

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