Learn Why You Need a Professional SEO Service

It may take the time to realise the main value of opting for a professional SEO service but it is always a great long term investment for your business. Do not expect any magic to happen when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Those companies that assure you instant rankings and a number one spot on Google are likely to disappoint you. You can also look at the services of Web Design & Development plus Internet Marketing from iMark Infotech.

Below is what you should expect when you hire professional SEO service providers.

First, you need to understand that, SEO, when done skillfully, is likely to take time. There are a number of processes that are involved in this campaign that the experts need to take their time and get it done flawlessly. For instance, directory submissions need to be done manually.

This is a process that can take time. In some cases, the results will start showing months after starting the campaign. This is understandable.

Secondly, a company that proposals professional services will try and adapt their package to fit your needs. There are convinced strategies which may not need to be implemented for your type of business.

This is why the premium experts will take their time to understand what you are looking to get from the campaign. Your main goals will command the kind of services which your company requires. This helps you to invest in the most suitable services only.

Additionally, the companies will proposal organic SEO services. These are SEO services which will enhance your site rankings naturally instead of trying to manipulate search engines. One can also approach SEO Company India for the best SEO outsource solution.

For instance, a company that focuses on specialised SEO will only place quality links on your web pages. Low-quality links can damage your rankings. Linking to sites which have been banned or blacklisted by Google will make your site receive a lower ranking as well. This is why it is important for your service provider to emphasise more on quality rather than the volume.

Most importantly, a professional SEO company will give you a reasonable fee without imposing any hidden charges at the end. Before signing an SEO company, it is important to find out the total cost of their services. Look for a company which proposals reliable and cost effective SEO without any hidden charges.

A professional service provider will also proposal organic SEO services at the agreed price. You will not be presented with an exaggerated quote once the contract ends. You also need to check out their level of customer service.


PPC Tip – Where To Get Domains – Where I’m Going Next.


We all look for the best way to monetize our traffic, but there’s more than simply paying for clicks – that’s never the whole story.

What happens when the visitor sees the LP and bounces out of there because maybe their not decided or maybe not ready to make a purchase?  They leave, that’s what they do.

But some of them will want to come back and either see your LP or they are already ready to buy.  This is always a great opportunity to make even more money, as I like to call them ‘residuals’.

This is why it is so important to have a good domain name and to cram it into the visitors head so that they can come back or tell a friend or the such.  Typically I’d say stay away from hyphens but sometimes it’s all you can get for a nice memorable domain, even though it does beg the chance that the person with the non-hyphen domain will get a sale out of it.  So goes life.

Then again it does put a spin on it to do some SEO so hopefully, you can rank for your domain name if that’s worth it to you.

However, I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone come back and then order.  Well worth the price of the domain many times over.

Where To Get Domains

Some people think all registrars are the same.  This is not true.  Personally, I think GoDaddy sucks and you should never ever use those turds.  When you buy or transfer a domain there, or inside their system, you have to let it sit something like 60 fucking days!  I have gotten drunk and then went after support because I hate them so very, very much.  What else do you do when you find out some domain you just bought from someone else can’t be transfered out of their system?  From what I understand it illegal, but I’m not a lawyer, but they need to eat shit and die.

Besides their interface sucks, they charge your for whois protection, you don’t get squat for free.  They also like to fuck you if you get a complaint on a domain.  There was a thread on WF, about someone getting a complaint and they wanted him to pay something like $200 to resolve it!  He couldn’t transfer his domain out or anything.   Just fuck them – period.  You see how riled up you guys got me?

Where I’m Going Next

Well as my job winds down here, as I work a seasonal job, I don’t plan on getting another regular 9-5er.  Fuck that.  This week I’ll be trying to go balls deep into a new PPC campaign, and I’ll be doing some WordPress plugin coding.  I’ll also be firing up a phpBayPro, hint you can get it 20% off right now so you’ll save $15.


Track your blog stats & it’s easy to form your own LLC

Firstly tracking the traffic coming in on any one blog can be a little tough.  Depending who’s your host you may have some tracking options through c-panel and whatnot.

From my experience however they tend to be pretty freaking ugly.  Well, when I was chilling in Bofu2U’s hotel room during ASE I saw him checking out his ebay splogs, I mean WordPress blogs.  His tracking had some sweet looking interface from where I was sitting.  Eventually, the topic came up what he was using on the backend – turns out it was a pretty sweet WP plugin.

The plugin is called Counterize II and you can find it at the WordPress plugins site.   It’s a great tool to have, and I personally used it and will continue to use it, it has everything you need.

Secondly I’d like to point out how easy it really is to create your own company, so if you want to be a serious AM do yourself a favor and spend the little bit of money it costs to do it.  Here in Wisconsin it’s $130 and you can do it online in under 10 min – no joke.  Good thing I didn’t pay an extra $20 for expedited handling because it was accepted, which looks like the same day.  Sweet!

Anyways get that done to give yourself some legal legroom in case something wacky happens – you won’t loose everything you own.  It’s a small, small price to pay IMHO.

Lastly, what the hell are people typing into a search engine to end up here?  Uh, some crazy shit.

Really?  People search for facebook penis?!  Hurry someone fire up Adwords and get an ad on that.  I’m sure if you can find something for the ladies (or maybe guys) you’d crush it.

Anyways the Facebook cloaking script is coming soon, I started writing it today, so very soon.

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Yahoo! – The Real Deal

Yahoo! defiantly does everything it can to get some of your sweet sweet money.  No joke, they are terrible.

Microsoft, known for terrible software, bad operating systems, monopoly’s, and generally messing up at every turn, actually gets marketers.  That’s the first positive thing I have said about MS in a loooooong time.

We don’t want to have to jump through crazy hoops to get clicks and good CTR and it really makes you wish they did buy – at least – the search division of Yahoo!.  I think it would have really driven away a lot of business from Google.  Quality, who would have guessed?

By this point you may be asking: So Brad what does this have to do with Yahoo!?  Well Yahoo! is the anti-Microsoft.  Yahoo! doesn’t care what’s good for you.  They don’t care too much about quality, and the more power they take out of your hands – the better, as I’ll outline here.

What really is Yahoo! Search Marketing? – The Yahoo! Search Marketing Network is not just the Yahoo! search engine.  Yahoo! is actually comprised of many search engines on other sites, like Road Runner, Sprint, and various other not necessarily reputable places.  Your ads, whether you like it or not, by default also show up on many spammy places like parked pages or sites developed just to show ads on.

You may say that – well a page that was developed to show ads of that particular niche much be great right?  No, not at all.  Considering all the content on the page is just ads!  And who the hell is really clicking through a parked page?  Sure it happens, and in my experience those clicks are going to convert worth shit not to mention other factors that will be discussed.

Some of these so called “search engines” with the Yahoo! name on them only deliver up the ads as a result!  And some of the deliver them up as if you where bidding on Content Match.  Talk about getting more than you can chew.

Your ads also show up on places like webMD and Yahoo! Answers [more on Yahoo! Answers later].  These places can be good or bad depending on the site.

That’s just the gist of it, but there are many pages inside the Yahoo! network.  Some good, some bad, but in reality they are all bad for multiple reasons as we’ll find out in the comming parts of this series.

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